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Kanban Board - SafetiBase Risk Management
Kanban Board - SafetiBase Risk Management

Learn how to interact with SafetiBase Risks in Kanban Board

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Once you are familiar with the basics of the Kanban board the main advantage of using it is the ability to create and comment on issues outside of model viewer. Users can access all of the issues information without loading a 3D Model. Here we'll cover the following features of the Kanban Board:

  • How to open the Kanban Board

  • How to group Risks cards

  • How to filter the Kanban Board

  • How to interact with individual cards

  • SafetiBase Risk Management features

How to Open the Kanban Board?

In 3D Repo, you have two ways of opening the Kanban Board.

Option 1: From Issues & Risks

  1. Click on the Issues & Risks tab in the Teamspaces window

  2. In the drop-down menu select the Teamspace, Project and Model/Federation containing the risks you want to see

  3. Select Risks

Option 2: From Models & Federations

  1. Click on the Models & Federations tab in the Teamspaces window

  2. Open the relevant Teamspace and Project

  3. Hover over the model/federation containing the issues

  4. Click on the Issues & Risks icon & Select Risks from the Show Menu

How to Group Risks Cards

You can rearrange your risk cards by changing the grouping type. Select any of the following from the drop-down menu in the Group By:

  • Level of risk & Level of mitigated risk UNSET, Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High

  • Category to identify the risk from a customised list

  • Mitigation Status Unmitigated, Proposed, Agreed (Partial), Agreed (Fully), Rejected, Void

  • Owner to group the risk by its owner

  • Created By from the jobs list ie. Architect, Client, MEP Engineer & etc.

How to Filter the Kanban Board?

Filtering the risks list is a great way to help you quickly find what you need. Additionally, when using the relevant search filters, you can publish custom Risks Reports. You will have the same Risk Filtering options as in the model viewer::

  • Using the Search bar

  • Using the Filter icon

Click on the Search icon to enter this option and on the X button to exit it.

Search Bar

The search bar allows you to type any keyword or phrase related to the risk you're looking for. Click on the Search icon, start typing and hit enter. A list of matching information will appear in the Kanban Board. You can add as many search phrases as you like. To remove individual search filters, click on the X button next to the filter.

The Kanban Board automatically updates the search results for any filters retained.

Filter Icon

Click on the Filter icon (top right of the Kanban Board) to open the filters menu.

Here, you have the options to filter by:

  1. Risk Information Category, Created by, Risk owner, Element type, Location, Risk factor, Construction scope, Associated activity, Risk likelihood, Risk consequence and Level of risk

  2. Treatment Treatment status, Stage, Type, Residual likelihood, Residual consequence, Residual level of risk and Overall level of risk

  3. Sequencing (Starting Date)
    This option is designed for Sequences (4D). Select specific From and To dates from the calendar then click OK.

Click on the X button next to each filter you wish to remove.

The Kanban Board automatically updates the search results for any filters retained.

Copy Filters

You have an option to copy the search filters to another list of risks.

  • Clicking on the Copy Filters option

  • Open the Kanban Board of another Model/Federation

  • Paste the filters CTRL + V in the Search Bar

How to Interact with Individual Cards?

Drag & Drop

Quickly update Risk fields. Select the risk you wish to update, drag it all the way to the corresponding category and drop it in. The message 'Risk updated' on the lower right will pop up.

Note that you cannot drag & drop risks that are grouped by Level of Risk. This is because the calculated value is based on your input for both Risk Likelihood and Risk Consequence.

Text on Hover

Hover over the risk Title or Description to see the full text.

View on Model

To review the risk in the 3D Model, click on the View on Model icon. A new browser tab will open and load the 3D model in the viewer with the corresponding risk.

  • From the Risk card

  • The Edit Risk window after opening a risk

Open the individual cards

Simply click on the card you wish to open and press the X button to close it.

SafetiBase Risk Management Features

3D Repo's Kanban board allows you to raise project risks and make full use of the SafetiBase feature for real-time collaboration. Here's a list of things you can do via Kanban Board:

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