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V5 - PDF - SafetiBase Risks Report
V5 - PDF - SafetiBase Risks Report

Learn how to create and export PDF reports

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If you have a list of SafetiBase risks in 3D Repo, it is simple to create a PDF report. The steps below apply to both the SafetiBase card in the model viewer and the Issues & Risks board.

Default SafetiBase Report

  • Open SafetiBase Card

  • Click on the Settings Icon

  • In the menu click on the Create Report option

In the new browser tab you will get the following options:

  1. Print to publish the PDF Report

  2. Hide Log to hide issue comments & changes

  3. Large Pictures to enlarge issue screenshot size

  4. Hide Log Pictures to hide issue comment screenshots
    Note that these reports are interactive and contain Risk URL links

Custom SafetiBase Report

If you want to publish a select few risks, use the search filers. Once you have applied the relevant filters, your PDF report will contain only visible risks. From the example below, I will send a PDF report containing Moderate & Site Machinery risks only.

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