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Learn how to create a Risk

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Now that you are familiar with the concept of SafetiBase, let's look at how to create risks in 3D Repo. We'll cover the following topics:

Create a new Risk

Head over to 3D Repo and open any model/federation where you would like to create a risk. In the model viewer do the following:

  • Click on the Risks icon (SafetiBase Card will appear)

  • Click on the Green Plus button to create a new Risk.
    (Located at the bottom of the risks list)

Provide the following information

  1. Risk Title

  2. In the Risk tab, write an optional text Description

  3. Click on Add Pin to drop a SafetiBase pin in the model viewer and click Save Pin

  4. Click on Add Image to upload an image or take a screenshot of your model view You will be able to create a markup and save it to the Risk

  5. Select the Risk Likelihood, Consequence, Owner and Category from each drop-down list. Note that the pin colour changes according to Level of Risk

  6. Write a custom or choose from each available drop-down list an Associated Activity, Element type, Risk factor, Construction Scope and Location

  7. Click on the Save icon

You can always customise your risk information and modify what you see in the input fields by importing a list of predefined treatment suggestions into 3D Repo.

Example New Risk

Edit Risks

Once you have created the Risk, you can edit all of the fields.
โ€‹A notification message in the bottom right corner of your screen indicates the changes made to the Risk. Here is the information you can edit:

  1. Click on the Pen icon to modify the Risk Title then on the save icon to save it

  2. Click on the Pen icon to modify the Description then on the save icon to save it

  3. Click on Edit Pin button to change the pin location in the model

  4. Click on Edit Image button to change the screenshot or to upload an image

  5. Click on Update Viewpoint button to change the camera view of that risk

  6. If necessary, you can update the Risk Likelihood, Consequence, Owner, Associated Activity, Risk Factor, Location, Category, Element type and Construction Scope from the respective drop-down options

View other Risks

Click on the white arrow (in the top left corner of the SafetiBase card) to go back to the list of risks. Note the following:

  • The new risk will appear at the top of the list

  • New Risks will automatically get a sequential number added to their title

  • Click on any Risk and your camera position will update. Only works if the risk was created in the viewer/3D Model.

  • You can expand any of the risk cards, click on the white arrow. This will open the risk and display full information with comments & resources

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