What is it and How it works?

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Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

In many cases, you will find yourself working on a project that already has potential flaws or issues, which are not related to any 3D model because you might not have any just yet. Other project members will be eager to start collaborating and resolving those issues, and this is where 3D Repo's Kanban board comes in place. You can use to initiate the project collaboration, even if there is no 3D Model to review.

How does it work?

In 3D Repo, we use model containers to store your information. But what if there are no 3D models? You can start adding issues to these containers before any model becomes available using our Kanban board. It's interactive and flexible, by that we mean it makes issue tracking a whole lot easier. There is no steep learning curve, and anybody with a web browser can start creating & resolving any project related issues. Here are the main perks of using our Kanban Board:

  • Works on any web browser (PC, Laptop or Tablet device)

  • Attach Photos, Images, PDFs and Weblinks

  • Real-time communications channel with a notifications centre

  • Easy to use with no steep learning curves

  • Interactive & Customisable

What do you mean by Real-time collaboration?

We are all familiar with the concept of instant messaging apps, and almost every single one of us use them daily. 3D Repo offers you the same experience, where a new issue or a comment will appear instantly on your screen. No more sitting and waiting around, resolve issues and risks in no time.

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