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SafetiBase Card options

Discover other functionalities and settings of the SafetiBase Card

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

Click on the Settings Icon to discover further functionalities of the SafetiBase Card.

In the pop-up menu you'll get the following options:

  • Create Report
    Create a printable or digital PDF report of the risks.
    Learn how to create a SafetiBase Report here

  • Download JSON
    Download a JSON file which contains all the Risk data. It is a popular file format that you can open in other applications such as PowerBI, Tableau or Excel. Visualise your project risks with custom dashboards to track your project's overall progress.

  • Sort Order
    Click on this option to toggle the Sort Order of your risks in the SafetiBase Card. Rearrange the list chronologically by Ascending or Descending order.
    ​Sorting the risks does not affect the number of risks displayed in the list. Check out the filter feature if some of the risks are missing from the list.
    1. Sort by 'Created at' to sort the risk by the date of its creation in 3D Repo
    2.Sort by 'Date' to sort the risk by its due date

  • Show Pins
    Hide or Reveal SafetiBase Pins in the model viewer. To change pin visibility in the model click once on Show Pins to enable (βœ“) and again to disable ( )

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