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Risk Attachments

Learn how to attach documents or web links to existing risks

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

With 3D Repo's SafetiBase feature, you can add documents and web links to existing risks within the SafetiBase Card. Here I'll show you how to attach and remove resources. Supported resource file formats include PDF, Images/Videos and URL links.

  • Open an existing risk and head over to the Attachments tab

  • Click on Add Resource
    โ€‹If you are creating a new risk, save it first then open it to attach a resource.

Add/Remove a File

  • In the Files tab, click to open a file or drag and drop it into the square box for upload

  • Type to modify the name of the resource if necessary

  • To remove the file click on the grey Minus button

  • Click on the green Save button

Add/Remove a Link

  • In the Links tab, click on Add Link

  • Type a Resource title and paste the URL to add a hyperlink

  • To remove it click on the grey Minus button

  • Click on the Save button when done

Open/Access a File

The added resources instantly appear in the Risk Attachments tab.

From there onwards you can as well:

  • Keep on adding as many resources as you want and/or delete them

  • Click on each resource to open it in a new tab within your default web browser

  • Quote a resource as a reference link which appears in the Comments section to share it in the conversation with other people

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