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Discover other functionalities and settings of the Tree card

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Now that you are familiar with 3D Repo's concept of Model Tree & Federated Model Tree, check out the other functionalities that apply to both:

Filter/Search Tree

Filtering your Tree list is a great way to help you quickly find what you need.
Click on the Search icon to enter this option and the X button to close it.

  • Use the Search bar to type any keyword or phrase related to the model/federation element you're looking for

  • Hit enter. A list of matching elements will appear below.
    โ€‹You can add as many search phrases as you like

  • To remove individual search filters, click on the X button next to the filter

  • The Tree Card automatically updates search results for any filters retained

Copy Search filters

You have an option to copy the search filters to another model/federation.

  • Click on the Copy Filters option

  • Open another Model/Federation

  • Open the Tree card

  • Paste the filters in the Search Bar (CTRL + V)

Tree Card Settings

Click on the Settings Icon to discover further functionalities of the Tree Card.

In the pop-up menu you'll get the following options:

  • Show All
    To reveal and show all hidden model elements at once in the model viewer.

  • Isolate Selected
    To isolate a custom selection of model elements from the Tree list. This shows only the selected model elements in the viewer and hides unselected elements.

  • Show hidden geometry
    Select this option to show hidden model geometry in the viewer such as IFC spaces. Unselect this option to hide IFC Spaces in the model viewer.

  • Select All
    To select all model elements in the Tree list and highlight them in the model viewer.

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