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Discover how real time Risk Management allows you to capture and resolve H&S Risks in 3D Environment

Written by Faisal Ramady
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SafetiBase is the collaborative way to share and use Health and Safety information and project risks, associating them directly to the model. Since 3D Repo platform sits in the cloud, that means anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can log in to 3D Repo and start collaborating! You can use SafetiBase regardless of whether you have a 3D Model available or not and since all of the data is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere using a web browser or a set of our plugins.

SafetiBase conforms to the newly published specification for ‘collaborative sharing and use of structured health and safety information using BIM’ (Publicly Available Specification PAS 1192-6). Since the initial release of SafetiBase which was funded by i3P & Innovate UK and lead by Atkins and Mott MacDonald, a number of exciting developments came about. We are now officially into SafetiBase version 3 which includes the ability to curate treatment suggestions, thus drastically reducing the time taken for risk mitigation.

Just like with Issues, begin your journey by inviting users to your project and assign them to a relevant Job/Role on the project. From there you can start creating risks directly in the model viewer and move away from the inefficiencies of using the Excel spreadsheets. SafetiBase works in real-time, so if anyone creates a new issue or adds a comment to an existing one you will see them instantly. On top of that, you can create an effective communication tool between the Designers and Construction site personnel and start resolving H&S risks.

We do not delete Risks from 3D Repo, so there is never a worry of somebody complaining about not seeing the Risk assigned to them. You create accountability and verify whether the Risk severity is reduced. Here are the main advantages of using our SafetiBase feature:

  • Real-time collaboration from anywhere and at any time

  • Complete and Immutable audit trail of comments & actions taken

  • PAS 1192-6 compliant (Industry standards on H&S in BIM)

  • Work on H&S Risks with 3D Models

  • Accountability through Risk assignment

  • Live connection to Design Authoring tools with our Plugins

  • Add attachments to the Risks such as PDFs, Images, Videos or URL links

  • Simple UI, so no steep learning curves

Most importantly what makes our SafetiBase feature so efficient is the ability to use it with your 3D models. Record 3D Pins in models and review Risks from anywhere in their full context. Risk pins can be placed anywhere around the model and they change colour depending on the Level of Risk.

Treatment Suggestion feature

Our latest work on the Discovering Safety Project together with the HSE and the University of Manchester is unlocking the potential of the open learning stream that covers every stage of the project delivery. The one true dataset that can unlock the potential of an incident-free construction environment. A pool of valuable information and lessons learnt across each project, company and industry made available to you in real-time. In essence, you are able to curate consistent risk mitigation, regardless of the file formats you are working in and adhere to PAS 1192-6 standards.

Users will be able to find quick & pre-approved risk mitigation solutions from previous or existing projects. Our system is able to identify the Risk you have raised and if there is a match on our database a sufficient treatment will be offered to you.

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