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V5 - Export and Upload a 4D SPM File from Synchro
V5 - Export and Upload a 4D SPM File from Synchro

Discover how to publish Synchro 4D models using the .spm file via Export, Synchro Link or Synchro Link API

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

3D Repo supports 4D Sequence playback, allowing you to add time-sensitive Issues and Risks to your project. Check out how to export your 4D sequence to 3D Repo and which functions are supported.

3D Repo supports Synchro .spm file and there are 3 options for generating the file which is listed below.

Option 1. Synchro Desktop File Export

Option 1 is the optimal & preferred method of generating the .spm file. We recommend you use this method and ensure that you follow all of the steps listed below including step 7.

  1. In the Synchro desktop application (version 6.3+), open the 4D model you wish to upload to
    3D Repo

  2. Select File > Export > 3D

  3. When specifying a filename, select Synchro SPM (.spm) from the File Type options menu

  4. In the Export Mode, select Export Animation

  5. Select the dates from your Synchro programme you wish to see in 3D Repo*
    *If none are available we recommend you use Best

  6. Click on the Next button

  7. In the Select Animation, select the Animation sequence you want to upload.
    If you wish to upload the entire 4D sequence, select None

  8. Click Export to export your .spm file

  9. Now you can upload it at

Supporting different time zones

If you face 4D sequences timing issues related to your browser's time zone and need to resolve time discrepancies, don't you worry as we've implemented a dropdown listing countries and their time zones with their GMT+/- hours prefixed to the name.

When you upload the SPM file in 3D Repo, you'll get the following:

If you wish not to import animations, you can untick 'Import transformations', it is checked by default.

  1. Provide a new revision name

  2. Add an optional description

  3. Select a country and the specific timezone from the dropdown which will be assigned to the revision

  4. Hit Upload


  • Country and timezone dropdowns will select the browser time by default

  • Every upload with valid timezone will store the timezone in the database

  • Every upload with invalid timezone will throw an error

Option 2. Synchro Link Desktop Tool

  • Load your Synchro .sp into the Synchro Link Desktop Application

  • Select File > Export > SPM

  • Specify any filters you wish to apply to your 4D Export and click Next

  • Keep all elements selected for export, unless there is sensitive data you don’t want to share, then click Next again

Option 3. Synchro Link API

  • Load your Synchro .sp into the Synchro Link Desktop Application

  • Create your Synchro SPM (.spm) by using the /spm/publish/begin endpoint

  • Access your new .spm file by using the /spm/publish/download endpoint

  • Upload to 3D Repo using the Upload Model endpoint

Supported Functionality

Below is the table illustrating what functionality we currently support in 3D Repo for 4D Model playback.



3D Element Visibility

X Growth Profiles

3D Element Opacity (0-100%)

X Complex Animations

3D Element Colour Override

Basic Keyframed Animations

Compressed Textures

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