Resolve Time Discrepancies

Resolve 4D sequences timing issues related to your browser's time zone

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

Are you having issues with the 4D sequence playback not matching the activities properties? Are you getting a mismatch of information between the Synchro SPM model and the 3D Repo? Then you might experience an issue with the dates and time depending on your local time zone.

There is a simple fix that will help you improve your experience with the following:

βœ“ General time and dates discrepancies related to your time zone

βœ“ Some tasks do not show up

βœ“ Some tasks show up with delay or in advance

Here are the instructions on how you can quickly fix and rectify the Sequences timing issue in 3D Repo:

Option 1. Project Timezone in the Model Upload

Follow the guidance illustrated in this section
πŸ‘‰ find out how we are Supporting Different Timezones

Option 2. Manual Change of Browser timezone

Note that the same steps are applied to any of the supported browsers
​(Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox Browser)

  1. In the web browser, open the Developer Console panel
    (keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + I)

  2. Open the Application tab

  3. Click on the control Devtools options menu (three dots)

  4. Open the More tools menu

  5. Click on the Sensors option

  6. Open the Sensors tab

  7. In the Location drop-down menu select Other...

  8. Provide the following: Latitude: 0 Longitude: 0 TimezoneID: Etc/UTC

  9. Close the Developer Console panel (keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + I) *
    ​* Note that to reset your browser settings, follow the steps above and set your location to No Override in step 7

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