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V5 - Unreal Plugin - Initial Setup
V5 - Unreal Plugin - Initial Setup

Discover the information required for the Unreal Plugin

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Step 1. Download the Plugin

Visit our website and download the 3DRepo4UnealEngine plugin, that contains the 3drepoUnreal project. In the folder you will find:

  • 3D Repo Plugin which can function at design-time and run-time

  • Example materials

  • Samples showing how to use it

The plugin can be used as an Engine or Project/Game plugin, but we recommend that the plugin be used per project.
​For any help on using or setting up the Unreal Plugin please contact explaining your query.

Step 2. Login details & Unreal Plugin activation

The use of Unreal requires your subscription to have Unreal activated. Follow these steps first:

  1. If you do not already have one, create a 3D Repo account on

  2. Sign up to a paid teamspace with Unreal activated or speak to our sales team to request Unreal for your teamspace/a new teamspace.

After we enable the Unreal Plugin* for your 3D Repo account, any models that you upload to your account will be compatible with the Unreal plugin.
​*Note that models uploaded prior to activation of the Unreal plugin will not work and require reuploading.

Upload a model to your Personal Account

  1. Navigate to

  2. Log in to your 3D Repo account

  3. Upload your first model
    ​For help visit our Getting Started guidance

Step 3. Information required for the Unreal Plugin

The information required for the Unreal plugin to load specific models or federations is stored in 3D Repo. The information can be gathered from your personal account or our Demo account and is the following:


This is where your model container exists in 3D Repo

Model ID

The unique model ID is accessible from your model container settings menu

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