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Generate an API Key
Generate an API Key

Learn how to generate API Key for quick and easy API call authentication

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

Generating an API key is quick and easy, but most importantly, it is a convenient way to authenticate any of your API calls to 3D Repo. It is ideal for use in the following scenarios:

  • Pulling data into Excel, Power or Revit

  • Building a custom solution in Unity

  • Linking Web application

  • Building a custom web-application

Generate an API Key

  1. Log in to your 3D Repo account and head over to the Profile section of your account

  2. Click on Edit your profile

  3. In the Integrations tab, you will be able to generate a personal API Key

  4. Click on the Generate button and your key will appear in the Api Key field

  5. You can directly copy the API to paste it elsewhere

Delete an API Key

If you fear that your API Key is exposed, you can always delete it to restrict anyone accessing your data in 3D Repo. Click on the Delete button to remove current API Key. If you want to create a new key, click on the Generate button.

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