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Tweak the appearance profile action to fix elements visibility and colours in 3D Repo

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

Are you having issues with the 4D sequence not displaying properly model elements during the sequence playback in 3D Repo? Then you might be importing a model that has assigned resources with the wrong set of actions.

By default or by choice, you might find that some of the resources used in your project are set to one of the 5 pre-defined System Profiles when assigning tasks as per the table below.

Here's how you can quickly fix the appearance of resources and reveal the elements in 3D Repo:

  1. In Synchro, go to Windows > Task Properties to open the Task Properties dialog

  2. Under Resources, select the Resource you'd like to edit

  3. Under General, select Maintain from the dropdown next to Appearance Profiles
    ​Note that if set to Temporary, resources disappear/might not appear in 3D Repo

For more information, check the guide πŸ‘‰ Resource Appearance Profiles or checkout the Appearance Profiles section within Synchro Help (User Interface > Window > Navigator) πŸ‘‡

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