What is 3D Repo?

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Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

How often do you hear the word BIM (Building Information Modelling)? For an AEC professional, this has become a buzzword that's reshaping the construction industry's future. We are often misled by the concepts of BIM and whether it is all about 3D Modelling or just an efficient way of managing your design data? Can it be utilised during the construction stages or even Facilities Management? Many might say that we should all embrace the digital revolution and start working collaboratively using 3D Models.

That is easier said than done, especially for the majority of us that have gotten used to working using traditional design & construction methods. This is where 3D Repo comes in to create a digital platform for BIM Data. Our goal is simple, democratise the workflows and give every project member access to the data they need, whenever they need it and wherever they are.

We offer you a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built for BIM coordination in the cloud. Use it to manage 3D Model revisions across multiple file-formats, highlight potential issues using live collaborative tools and even validate BIM Data. It could not have been made any simpler, especially when all you need is a Laptop/PC, a web browser & an Internet connection.

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