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Learn how to upload 3D Models to model containers

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You can upload files directly on 3drepo.io/v5 to the relevant model containers.
We follow the strict model revisioning system, so all you'll have to do is give a new file upload a revision name to know when it is uploaded.

Here is how you upload the file for the very first time:

  • Click on the Upload files button as shown below

  • You can add files for upload directly by drag and drop or selecting multiple files when clicking on Browse
    (We support .RVT .NWD .IFC .DGN .FBX .OBJ .DWG .SPM)
    For more information visit the article on Supported File Formats

A Prepare files for upload window will pop up where you will be required to do the following:

  1. You can add more files to upload by clicking on Browse or drag and drop

  2. Provide a Destination by specifying an existing container from the dropdown or by creating a new container name on-the-go and as shown in the Create a container article

  3. Provide a revision Name (alpha-numerical values only & 20 Characters max)

  4. Optional: If you wish, you can add or edit the revision description or delete the entire file from upload

  5. Hit the Upload files button when ready

Once uploaded your model(s) will start processing and a progress bar will indicate the upload progress

Once processing is completed you will see the Upload complete message indicating that your model(s) have finished uploading. Click on Finished

Your model(s) might still show the Processing status or may be in the Queue.
This may happen due to a high volume of model uploads to our servers, but don’t worry, your model will start processing shortly.

Once the processing is completed, you will see the Latest revision name come up below the specific model upload with a timestamp under Last Updated.

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