Object selection options

Learn how to select individual or multiple model elements

Written by Faisal Ramady
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In most cases, you will be able to select individual or multiple model elements, let it be a window, furniture, MEP pipe or structural columns. It's worth mentioning that object selection depends on the way you model your geometry. So, if you model 5 columns as a single element, of course, you will select all 5 of them at once.
There are 2 ways of selecting objects in 3D Repo, using a mouse cursor or a selection box. Let's take a look at how it works.

Object Selection

Simply click on any model element with your mouse. That's how you select individual model elements.

When you select individual model elements you can add them to a multi-object selection.

  • Press & hold the Ctrl button when selecting individual model elements

  • Alternatively, press and hold the Alt button to remove any of the previously selected objects.

Selection Box

Alternatively, you can select multiple objects at once by using a selection box.

  • Press & hold the shift and left mouse button

  • A Selection Box dragged to the right will only select objects that are fully within the rectangular area

  • When dragged to the left all objects that are touching the rectangular area will be selected

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