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Explore the BIM data behind any model element

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Most of the BIM file formats contain vast amounts of metadata that is attributed to individual model elements. Just like in your design authoring tools, you can access that data in 3D Repo. Use the BIM Card feature to see and filter any model element data. Note that some file formats such as FBX or OBJ don't always contain object data and for that reason, the BIM icon may become inactive.

Open BIM Card

You can activate the BIM Card by clicking on the BIM icon in the toolbar. Once activated it will become orange and the BIM Card will appear on the right side of your screen. Now go ahead and select any model element.

BIM Card Options

  1. Select Starred (favourite) BIM parameters

  2. Open Starred Tab

  3. Filter the BIM card. Search for specific parameters

  4. Select model elements with the same parameter value

  5. Copy the Parameter Rule (for use in Smart Groups)

Filter BIM Card

In some case, model elements may contain a lot of data. To make your task of searching any information a lot easier you can filter the BIM Card.

  • Click on the Search icon in the top right corner of the BIM Card

  • I the search field start typing the parameter name

  • Select it from the drop-down list or hit Enter after providing a full name
    โ€‹These filters remain active even when you select other elements.
    โ€‹You can also use multiple filters at once.

Starred Items

Frequently, users know what data they are looking for and so to save time in the future they make use of the Starred feature in the BIM Card.

  • Activate the BIM Card and select any model element

  • Click on the Star icon next to a parameter's name

  • Open the Starred section

  • Select any model element to see starred parameter values

Quick Select model elements

In many cases, users want to quickly visualise model elements that contain certain or similar parameter values. This is where you can make use of the function to select model elements with the same parameter value and copy the rule to use in smart groups for data validation or colour/visibility overrides.

  • Activate the BIM Card

  • Select a model element

  • Click on the Dot icon next to a parameter value

  • Element with a matching set of data will be added to object selection

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