Toolbar Features

Discover the features of our toolbar and learn how to use them

Written by Faisal Ramady
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  1. Return to Extent View
    To return to a viewpoint from which you can see the entire Model, click on the Zoom Extent button.

  2. View Mode
    Click on the icon to switch between the Perspective or Orthographic view modes.

  3. Navigation Mode
    Click on the icon to switch between the Turntable or Helicopter navigation modes. Click on the icon again to bring up the navigation settings.

  4. Show All Objects
    To reveal all hidden Objects, click Show All.

  5. Hide Objects
    First, select any model element then click on the Hide button in the toolbar. You can perform this action on multiple objects as well.

  6. Isolate Objects
    You can Isolate single or multiple Objects for easier navigation. Select any model element (hold CTRL to multi-select) or use the Tree Card, then click the Isolate button.

  7. Reset Colour Override
    You can reset Group colour overrides to defaults.

  8. Focus Mode
    Click on the icon to hide all of the UI. This will leave you with a 3D Model only. To disable it, click on the X button in the top right corner of your screen.

  9. Clip Mode
    Click on the Clip mode and choose between a single clip or clip box (6 sections).

  10. Show Coordinates
    Click on the icon to display model XYZ information underneath the toolbar and point your mouse to any model element.

  11. BIM Card
    Click on the icon to open up the BIM Card. Once activated, select any model element and BIM card will show you the data.

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