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Learn how to manually group multiple model elements and apply colour/transparency overrides

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Let's take a look at how you create groups in 3D Repo. You can use Groups to cluster model elements and help you with model visualisation. We'll cover the following:

Create a New Group

Click on the Groups features (left of the screen) then on the green Plus button to create a new group.

Select model elements for your group:

Pick one or multiple elements you would like to group together.

You can achieve this either with Object Selection or by using the Model Tree.
I'll show you both options below.

Provide the following information:

  1. Group title

  2. Group Type. Select 'Normal' from the drop-down

  3. Description (optional text)

  4. Apply Colour and transparency overrides
    - Click on the paint drop-down icon
    - Pick any colour
    - Change transparency level if you wish
    - Click on the Save button

  5. Click on the Save icon to save the group

  6. If needed, click on the bin icon to Delete the group

After saving the group:

  • The Number of objects is automatically updated for the total mesh count.

  • A date automatically appears under Last Updated to indicate when the last changes to the group were made.

Example New Group

Using manual object selection

Using model tree

Group Hierarchy

In order to make the organisation of Groups more intuitive for your collaborators, you are able to structure your Groups into a hierarchy.

In order to do this simply use "::" as a delimiter in the Group name during creation/editing. the example below shows 4 groups with the following names:

Certification Status::QA FAIL
Certification Status::QA PASS
Delivery::Awaiting Install
Delivery::Production QA Check

Edit a Group

You can edit all of the information about an existing group. Simply click on the group you wish to edit then on the right arrow to bring up the group editor.
โ€‹A notification message in the bottom right corner of your screen indicates the changes made to the Group.

Here is the information you can edit:

  1. Click on the Group title to rename it

  2. You can change the Group type. For Smart Groups, check this article here

  3. Click on the pen icon to change the text Description

  4. Change Colour and transparency overrides

  5. If necessary, the Reset to saved selection button brings back the previous model element selection.

  6. Click on the Save icon

  7. If needed, click on the bin icon to Delete the group

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