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Discover how Instant Clash can compliment and improve your traditional clash detection

Written by Faisal Ramady
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What is Instant Clash?

If you ask me what Instant Clash is and how can it help your project coordination? Well, the answer is simple. It is a unique and fast approach to running your traditional clash detection. Get the entire team involved, regardless of their skillset. The feature runs instantly in your web browser, automatically identifying and highlighting the exact intersection points between different model elements.

How does it work?

Instant clash compares Base vs Target models and is based solely on geometry, regardless of the file format. Anyone working in 3D Repo can perform clash reviews without the need to be trained in Clash detection software or be limited by a lack of software licenses in their company.
Get a detailed look at the cluster of highlighted clashes where instant clash highlights intersections rather than objects. Here is an example of how the two principles compare πŸ‘‡

Instant Clash

Alternative clash detection software

What are the Benefits?

How do many users find it benefitting their coordination meetings already? The most obvious reason is that you no longer have to wait around for a dedicated person to perform a clash test analysis. Also, avoid the enduring task of grouping and reviewing hundreds or thousands of repetitive test results. Most importantly, there is no steep learning curve which often slows down the project progress.

Instant Clash

Alternative Software

Easy to use

Steep learning curve

Review clashes instantly

Requires time to set up clash tests

All users can run Instant Clash

Must have a license to use clash detection tool

No clash results list, purely visual

Generates a long list of clashes

Can use Smart Groups to filter model clashes

Can use Clash Sets / Rules to filter model clashes

Can create a clash report (using the Issues feature)

Can create a clash report

No Clash Tolerance

Clash Tolerance

No Self Clash Test

Self Clash Test

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