How to use Sequences

Learn how to use Sequences for 4D model playback

Written by Faisal Ramady
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If you are looking to playback the 4D Sequences, go no further as the sequences feature is what you need. It is simple to use and you can interact with your 4D Model in seconds.

Initial Setup

Before you begin, you will need to upload a 4D Model to 3D Repo. Currently, we only support the playback of Synchro 4D models. The 4D SPM article will explain to you how to publish Synchro files to 3D Repo. When your model is ready, go ahead and open it in 3D Repo and follow the steps below.

Activate Sequences Feature

  • in the left side panel click on the Sequences icon

  • In the Sequences, card click on a sequence you want to playback

  • This will open the Sequence Timeline menu and Activities list

Playback the 4D Sequence

Interaction with the 4D Sequence could have been made simpler. You have the following options to choose from:

  • Click on the play button to activate the sequence (press on the stop button to pause the sequence playback)

  • Scrub through the timeline (updates the activities list and model visibility)

  • Select the step intervals for your playback:
    - Change the value
    - Select from Hour(s) / Day(s) / Month(s) / Year(s) / Frame(s)

  • Click on the date to pick any other date & time from the calendar

Activity List

Activities for a particular moment in time will appear as a list under the sequence playback controls. You can select any of the activities to see more information about them. Click on the activity you like, and you will get the Activities panel on the right side of your screen. To learn, read the Activities Panel article.

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