Create Point Coordinates

Locate any point in your model to extract the XYZ coordinates

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Here I'll show you how to locate any point in your model to extract XYZ coordinates.
We'll cover the following:

Create Points

  • Click on the Measurements icon (Measurements Card will appear)

  • Click on the Locate Point icon to activate (orange) the feature.
    Click on it again to deactivate it (grey)

  • Click on the model geometry to start locating points in the model.
    Each time you click on model geometry the following will appear:
    1) A point icon appears in the model
    2) The point's X, Y and Z coordinates appear in the Measurements card.
    The point icon only works on model geometry

Change Point Name

  • In the Measurements card, hover over the point name and click on the pen icon

  • Rename the point in the text editor and click on the Save icon

  • Click on the X button if you wish to cancel the renaming operation

Change Point Colour

  • By default, all points icons have a light blue colour

  • Click on the paint drop-down next to the point you wish to recolour

  • Choose a colour from the palette or enter a HEX colour code

  • Click on the green Save button
    A new colour will apply to the point icon in the model

Remove Points

  • Click on the X icon next to each point to delete it
    You can delete all of the measurements from the options menu

Expand/Collapse Points list

  • Click on the arrow icon button to expand and collapse the list of points created.
    This option is particularly useful when dealing with a large list of measurements

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