Basic visual settings

Tweak these settings to enhance the performance of your 3D Models

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Without a doubt, it is always great to have the flexibility of customising the software to your liking. In 3D Repo, you can do just that using our visual settings menu. Here we'll cover the basic settings of the visual panel that allow you to:

  • Enable Model caching

  • Customise clip plane settings

  • Change shadow modes

  • Toggle object selection styles

Note that if you update visual settings, they are not stored globally and are only attributed to your account. So, if another user logs in, they will need to update their personal visual settings and if you log in to another web browser your account won't carry over the visual settings.

Visual Settings Menu

Head over to and log in to your personal account. In the top right corner of the screen click on the profile icon. In the drop-down menu select Visual Settings.

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Basic Settings

In the Basic tab, you can make all of the necessary changes that will improve your model performance or visual styles. Here are your options:

  1. Shadows give you a default option of None, but you can turn them on by selecting either Soft or Hard shadows. Note that shadows will require additional resources from your PC.

  2. X-Ray highlighting toggle by default is enabled, resulting in transparency and colour override upon object selection. If you disable X-Ray highlighting your object selection will be represented in solid yellow colour instead.

  3. Model Caching by default is turned off, but we recommend you switch the toggle to enable it. As a result, your models will cache locally and load up to 4 times faster than downloading them all over again.

  4. Clipping plane border width establishes the thickness of the clip plane fill. By default, it's set to 8

  5. Clipping plane border color allows you to change the clip plane fill colour to whatever is your preference. Click on the arrow to open up the colour picker.

Once you are happy with the changes to your Visual Settings click on the Save button. If for any reason you wish to revert them to their original state, simply click on the Reset button, followed by the Save button.

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