Advanced visual settings

Tweak these settings to improve the visual appearance of your models

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Our next option in the visual settings menu is Advanced. If you after the basics head over to the Basic visual settings article, otherwise we'll show you the following:

  • Show Statistics

  • Memory for Unity

  • Near & Far plane settings

  • Shadow Distance

Note that if you update visual settings, they are not stored globally and are only attributed to your account. So, if another user logs in, they will need to update their personal visual settings and if you log in to another web browser your account won't carry the visual settings.

Visual Settings Menu

Head over to and log in to your personal account. In the top right corner of the screen click on the profile icon. In the drop-down menu select Visual Settings.

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Advanced Settings

In the Advanced tab, you can make all of the necessary changes that will improve your model performance or visual styles. Here are your options:

Show Statistics will display statistics in the model viewer. Open the model and look at the top right corner of your screen. There you'll see all of the information about the count of objects, current FPS and memory used for your model.

  1. Memory for Unity is limited to 2GB per browser tab. However, if you don't have a powerful laptop, you can reduce that limit to anything you like. As a result, files that exceed the Unity memory limit set by you will not open the web browser.

  2. Number of Caching Threads Many developers use the caching objects to help take better advantage of memory and increase overall system performance. However, you must weigh the benefits of caching against the need for thread safety. If unsure, just Reset to default value 3.

  3. Minimum near plane distance from the camera position in our viewer. The default value is set to 10. However, increasing the number may reduce some Z-fighting.

  4. Far plane algorithm changes the far plane behaviour in our viewer. Choose between the Bounding Box or Bounding Sphere.

  5. Far plane points affect the behaviour of our Far Plane Algorithm.

  6. Maximum Shadow Distance affects the shadow appearance in our viewer. Increasing the number will make shadows appear further away from the camera.

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