Measurements Card

Discover other functionalities and settings of the Measurements Card

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Click on the Settings icon to discover further functionalities of Measurements Card.

In the pop-up menu you'll get the following options:

  • Edge Snapping
    New measurements to snap or not onto object edges. Click once to switch on (βœ“) edge snapping and again to turn it off ( )

  • Show XYZ
    To displays XYZ values for each length measurement.
    ​(Shown in the measurement billboard in the model viewer)

  • Units displayed in (model/federation unit)
    To display the measurements units as per the set model/federation units. Changes in model/federation units are visible in the Measurements card and billboards.

  • Reset Colours
    To reset all the colour overrides for points, lengths and areas to default colour.
    All points are set to light blue, lengths (point to point, ray cast & minimal distance) to dark blue and areas (surface area & custom polygonal area) to pink.

  • Delete All
    To remove all the measurements contained in the list.

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