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3D Repo features & where to find them
3D Repo features & where to find them

Discover the features we have and how to identify them in our model viewer

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

3D Repo contains a range of features that are suitable for use during any stage of project delivery. Whether it's a conceptual design, technical design, construction delivery or facilities management, you can always interact with your models and communicate with project members. We'll quickly explain to you the features we have and when should they be used.

Where are the Features?

There are two sets of features available to you in our model viewer. Icons on the left side of your screen are the main features, designed to perform certain tasks and those in the main toolbar at the bottom are designed to help you with model interaction.

What are the Features?

Our main features are designed to help you with project collaboration as well as other BIM workflows. Read our Toolbar Features article to get yourself familiar with those. Now let's take a look at the main features:

  • Issues Card. Use it to help you with the project collaboration at any stage of project delivery. It follows a BCF schema, so it's compatible with numerous applications used in the industry.

  • SafetiBase Card. Use it to help with collaboration on project risks or H&S hazards. It is the only tool on the market that is compliant with PAS 1192-6 industry standards.

  • Groups Card. Use it to group multiple model elements together and apply colour or transparency overrides. You can also perform Data validation with Smart Groups or use them as clash sets for Instant Clash detection.

  • Views Card. Save custom views around your model. These views will include camera position, element colour overrides, section cuts, object selections and even exclude hidden/isolated objects.

  • Tree Card. Use it to navigate up or down a model tree. The core structure of any model that defines element hierarchy what they are.

  • Compare Card. Contains 2 sub-features including 3D Diff for effective model change management across any revision or file format and Instant Clash for clash detection on demand.

  • GIS Card. Contains the list of map tiles that you can use in your models/federations. These also come with live traffic feed.

  • Sequences Card. Use it to playback any 4D Model sequence.

  • Measurements Card. Use it to perform model measurements such as Length, Area or point locations.

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