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Understand Issue Tracking
Understand Issue Tracking

Discover how real time Issue Tracking allows the whole team to communicate effectively

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

The 3D Repo platform sits in the cloud, which means anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can log in to 3D Repo and start collaborating! For that reason, we have built an integrated solution for Issue Tracking called Issues. You can use it regardless of whether you have a 3D Model available or not and since all of the data is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere using a web browser or a set of our plugins.

Begin your journey by inviting users to your project and assign them to a relevant Job/Role on the project. From there you can start creating issues directly in the model viewer. Our Issue tracking works in real-time, so if anyone creates a new issue or adds a comment to an existing one you will see them instantly.

We do not delete the issues from 3D Repo, so there is never a worry of somebody complaining about not seeing the issue assigned to them. You create accountability and verify whether the individual has done the work requested. Here are the main advantages of using our Issues feature:

  • Real-time collaboration from anywhere and at any time

  • Complete and Immutable audit trail of comments & actions taken

  • Accountability through issue assignment

  • BCF Schema (import or export to other applications)

  • Live connection to Design Authoring tools with our Plugins

  • Add attachments to the issues such as PDFs, Images, Videos or URL links

  • Simple UI, so no steep learning curves

Most importantly what makes our Issues feature so efficient is the ability to use it with your 3D models. Record 3D Pins in models and review issues even if you don't have a license to any of the design authoring tools. Issues are highlighted with a colour, specific to the party that it has been assigned to, whilst model pins are highlighted by Issue's priority.

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