Buttons in 3D Repo

Understand what our buttons mean and how to use them

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

There is a number of control & function buttons scattered around the 3D Repo application. Whilst for most of them you can learn about their functionalities by reading up about the features they belong to, for others they serve a similar purpose. These buttons are defined as an Action, Settings or a Function button.

Action Button

The action buttons in 3D Repo are coloured in Green and often lead to action such as Create an Issue, Project, Model container, Smart group or add/invite a new User. You will commonly see the round Green Plus button or round Save button. Other action buttons include Save, Add, Generate or they simply activate a feature.

Settings Button

Most commonly known as a Show More button, the 3 dots icon often leads you to the settings menu of any of our features. You can use is it to display more functions or tweak any of the existing projects, federations or models. Another settings button that you can use is the cogwheel icon.

Function Button

For any of the features in 3D Repo, there is a set of actions you need to take in order to make them work. This is where you'll be using a function button. Most commonly they are an icon in light grey colour and its shape indicates the purpose it will serve. For example, it could be a bin icon to delete something, a paint drop icon to change the colour of elements or a cogwheel to open the settings menu.

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