Create a new Job

Learn how to create new Jobs, Roles or Teams and assign them to users

Written by Faisal Ramady
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When you add new users to your Teamspace, you must assign them to a Job. In most cases, Jobs identify a user's company or employer. In some cases, you can use jobs to create work package groups like Window Supplier, Architect or Asset Manager.

You must assign a user to a Job as is it's a requirement for the Issues & SafetiBase features. When creating Issues & Risks, you assign them to a Job and not users, so that the entire team gets notified. Different Teamspaces have unique Job lists, so you might need to create a new one if it's not in the list.

Create a new Job

  • Open the User Management window

  • Click on the Jobs tab

  • Click on the Green Plus button to create a new Job

  • In the new window write the Job Name and select a job colour

  • Click on the + ADD JOB button to save it

Interact with an existing Jobs list

  • Search for any existing job using its name. This is useful for when you have lots of Job entries in your Teamspace.

  • You can change the colour if any job at any time. Click on the drop-down menu and select a new colour.

  • If you wish to delete and existing or newly created Job, click on the round minus icon as shown below

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