Add users to a Teamspace

Learn how to Invite new users or add existing users to your Teamspace

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Adding users to a Teamspace is a simple task to accomplish. When you add new users you have two options to choose from, add an existing 3D Repo User or Invite a new User. Before we go there, let's quickly take a look at the User Management window in 3D Repo.

User Management

Log in to your 3D Repo account and in the Teamspaces menu open the User Management window. You will get the following control options:

  • Select a Teamspace for user directory (only works if you are an Admin of multiple Teamspaces)

  • Filter the list of users for a specific Teamspace

  • Create or review pending User Invitations.

Add an Existing 3D Repo User

If a user has already registered for a 3D Repo, you can search for them using their Username or Email address (used for registration).

  • Open the Users tab and click on the Green Plus button

  • Search for a User with their Username or Email address
    ​Any account match will appear in the drop-down list

  • Select a user

  • Select a Job from the drop-down list

  • Click on the green + ADD USER button
    ​('User Added' message will pop in the bottom right corner)

Invite a new User

In other cases, a user you want to add might not have a 3D Repo account. Therefore, you will need to send them an Invitation to your Teamspace or a specific project. It's a simple task, and the best thing is you can even predefine model permissions before they sign up for a 3D Repo account, thus gaining access to relevant models automatically.

  • If a user does not have a 3D Repo Account you can invite them to join your Teamspave/Project. Select Send invitation? or Invite to 3D Repo...

  • In the pop-up window 'Invite User' provide their email address

  • Select a Job title from the drop-down list

  • Click on the Invite button.
    ​3D Repo will send an email to a recipient to join your Teamspace

Edit pending invitation

You have an option to edit an existing user invitation. Click on the pending invitations in the bottom right corner of the User Management window. A new window 'Invitations' will pop up containing a list of invitations. You can do the following:

  • Click on the Pen icon to edit any of the information such as Email, Job or Project/Model permissions

  • Click on the bin icon to delete it

  • Click on the ADD button to create a new invite

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