Add users to Projects

Learn how to Invite new users or add existing users to your Projects

Written by Faisal Ramady
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When you have compiled a list of users in a Teamspace, you can start sharing the information with them, thus assigning them to specific projects. You can grant users full project control & access by making them Project Admins. For anything else, such as sharing specific project models or federations, you will have to follow the steps in our Manage model permissions article.

Assign Project Admins

Log in to your 3D Repo account and head over to the User Management window. You can access it from the Teamspaces menu on your homepage. From here, you can take the following steps to grant any of your users with Project Admin permissions:

  • Select the relevant Teamspace (if it's not your personal one)

  • Head over to the Projects Tab

  • Select the relevant Project

You will receive a full list of Teamspace users. From here you can decide which user you must grant Project Admin permissions.

  • If the list is too long, search for the user using their Name, Username or Job

  • Grant any user full project access/control by changing their assignment to Admin

  • Some Users are Teamspace Admins, which automatically makes them a Project Admin, therefore their option is greyed out

If you want to learn how to add users to projects without making them Project Admins, head over to our Manage model permissions article. There you will learn how to control Model & Federation Permissions.

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