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Extract all of your model’s BIM Data from 3D Repo. Visualise and validate the results however you like

Written by Faisal Ramady
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Model data mining couldn't have been easier or more informative, especially when we are talking about a live link between 3D Repo and Power BI. With our Model Data Template, you can connect to any model/federation in 3D Repo and retrieve the latest BIM data on demand. This is great for comprehensive project progress tracking or model data validations.

Get Started

Before we begin, head over to our downloads page and download the Power BI Model Data Template. Extract the .pbix file from a ZIP folder and open it. You will see a sample dashboard, but you'll be able to build your very own dashboard. Any shape, any colour you decide.

Enter Parameter Values

Once you have opened the Template file successfully in Power BI open the drop-down list of the Transform Data icon and click on the Edit Parameters.

A new window will appear called Edit Parameters. There you will have to provide the following information:

  • Teamspace name of the Teamspace a model belongs to

  • Model ID is the unique Model ID (Copy it from the model settings menu)

  • APIKey will be used to authenticate your API Request

Once you have filled out all of the required fields click OK to submit them. You can change their values at any time, should you wish to connect to other models or federations in 3D Repo.

Apply Changes

Once you submit your parameter values, you will need to apply changes to your API call that will retrieve model/federation BIM Data from 3D Repo. In the yellow message bar at the top of your dashboard click Apply Changes. Power BI will establish a connection and pull all of the Data from 3D Repo. If for any reason it fails, ensure that you have provided correct Parameter values.


Once you have linked the Data Template dashboard to 3D Repo save it locally if you want to use it again. The next time you open your dashboard you can retrieve the latest Data from 3D Repo, so you are up to date on your project. In the main toolbar click on the Refresh Icon to synchronise your dashboard with 3D Repo.

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