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Understand 3D Repo APIs
Understand 3D Repo APIs

Discover what APIs are and how they can help you connect applications, automate workflows and improve collaboration

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

What is an API?

3D Repo’s APIs allow you to access and interact with the wealth of data stored on our servers. For example, you can send an API request for project issues, model data or smart groups result. In return, you will receive a response in form of a JSON schema, containing a list of Issues, a model data table and a list of elements that have passed/failed any of your smart group rule checks. Essentially you can access any project data, without even opening our web application.

3D Repo APIs

There are two sets of APIs at your disposal that allow you to interact with the project data stored on our servers or the model in our web viewer. Here is what they are:

Server APIs

The 3D Repo API is utilised by the platform’s online interface, which means all the functionality there can be accessed via the API. Use them to extract any information from 3D Repo and create custom dashboards in applications like Power BI, live links with any CDE’s or design authoring tools such as Autodesk Revit.

Viewer APIs

Using the Viewer APIs you can create your own software solutions. Download our embeddable viewer and add it to your website, thus integrating with your existing products or applications. You can even design your own UI and use the same features you get on

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