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Get familiar with the GIS feature and learn how it works

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If you are looking to add some GIS information to your models, you may want to get familiar with the GIS functionality in 3D Repo. The information will come in form of the map tiles from various data providers. Let's take a look at the information required and the GIS card itself.

GIS Card

  • Log in to

  • Open any 3D model you'd like to link with map tiles

  • Click on the GIS icon in the features panel

If you are not familiar with the steps above, please visit our Getting Started guidance for support on 3D Repo.

GIS Settings: GIS Point

Before you start loading the map tiles, you will be required to provide the following information in order to geolocate your model for the data providers:

World Coordinates

Correspond to the Latitude and Longitude. These are the units that represent the coordinates at the geographic coordinate system. You can find out where your project fits based on the name of the place, city, address or postcode.
​Use your own GIS data or query the longitude & latitude information from the likes of Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.

Angle from North

You can adjust your project rotation based on a specific angle. This corresponds to the true North which you can assign from 'Angle from North'.
​Note: the angle is in clockwise degrees

GIS Settings: Project Base Point

Model Coordinates

Correspond to the orthographic projection of your model in its GIS Location.
​Essentially it is the X, Y, Z point in your 3D Model that sits in the same location as Latitude & Longitude.

Now that you are familiar with the information required, let's take a look at the real-life example for a GIS model setup.

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