Example GIS Setup

Real-life example on how to set up the GIS maps for your model/federation

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You can establish the GIS maps functionality in your model in just a few simple steps. Let's take a look at the real-life example and learn how to quickly gather all of the GIS information required. Just as a quick reminder, the information that we'll need is Model Coordinates & World Coordinates.

We know where our model is located in Moor Place, Finsbury, London, UK.

Model Coordinates

Our first step is to pick a model location that we will use for Model Coordinates.

To do this, we are going to use the Measurements Card and locate a point on our model. In this case, it will be the corner of a building as shown in the image below:

X = 83301340
Y = 36342410
Z = 113603

World Coordinates

Our next step is to find out what is the Latitude and Longitude of this location.
We can locate the same corner of the building using Open Street Map or even Google Maps. We will use the information discovered to specify our World Coordinates in the GIS Card.

Latitude: 51.51817
Longitude: -0.08809

Here's how we got this information from various online map providers:

Open Street Map

Google Maps

All that's left to do is to copy & paste the information gathered. Fill in the required fields and click the Save button*

*Please note that in this instance we had to apply - before the Z(mm) value. That's because this model is offset from 0 by 113569, therefore we will need to reflect that transition on the map tiles.

If your Z value is:

  • > 0 then add a minus before it (ex. 1500 should be -1500)

  • = 0 then use the original number (ex. 0 should be 0)

  • < 0 then remove the minus before it (ex. -1500 should be 1500)

To activate the map tiles click on the visibility icon next to it.

Here is what the final result looks like.

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