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Discover the range of GIS map tiles offered in 3D Repo

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Our integration with OpenStreet Maps & Here Maps offers you a range of map tile styles. On top of that, there are additional functionalities that you can access such as live traffic information.

By default, you get access to the 'Open Street Map' style. If you wish to access the additional map providers you'll need to upgrade your 3D Repo license.

Map Styles

Each map style is a representation of a geographic feature and encapsulates different layers which can be visualised together. Here are some examples of map styles available in 3D Repo:


Usually presents elevation (contour lines) and relief levels.
If your model fits in an urban context, this corresponds to the road networks and building fabric as map tiles.


This is the aerial imagery captured from satellites.


Gives you an overlay of the transport map which includes Tube & Rail lines for example.

Additional Functionalities

Live Information Feed

You can add Live information feed to any of the Here Maps styles, those include:

  • Traffic Flow
    Tracks live traffic feed, red indicates the most congested area whereas green is the least congested

  • Truck restrictions
    Route planning considering truck attributes and restrictions such as weight restrictions on bridges, height restrictions in tunnels

  • Try overlapping both functionalities

Additional Map Styles

The GIS Card contains some additional maps styles that haven't been mentioned earlier and they are:

  • Hybrid style

  • Toll zones (for congestion charges)

  • Landmarks & Points of interests (POI)

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