Query Model Coordinates

Query model XYZ coordinates for quick GIS maps set up or general queries

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

You can query any model location by dropping a pin where you need to take a measurement. Pin locations will give you an XYZ coordinate in your 3D Model. Use it to help you set up the GIS Feature in 3D Repo or quickly validate your model before federating it with your own GIS models.

  • Open the Measurements Card

  • Activate the Locate Point feature (bottom left of the card)

  • Click on any location in your model

Points contain the XYZ information of where they are in your model. You can change the name of any point as well as its colour to help you reference them in your model.
โ€‹Note that they will disappear once you close 3D Repo.

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