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Why and How to connect with other applications?
Why and How to connect with other applications?

Discover how 3D Repo links to other applications and create live project reporting

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

Every day we discover that a successful business lives in a data-driven culture. It is the ability to harness valuable data and meticulous analysis that lead us to potent decisions. 3D Repo provides you with the platform to collect, store and access any project data, anywhere and any time.

Using our APIs, you can connect various analytics tools such as Power BI, Tableau or even Excel. Build your custom dashboards and extract any project information like Issues, Risks, Model Data or even data validation results. From there, it is entirely up to you how to present it.

How does it work?

Any project data stored in 3D Repo is easily accessibly through our APIs. Here are a few datasets that our users retrieve from 3D Repo to build custom project analytics tools/dashboards:

  • Issues & Risks

  • Smart Groups

  • Model BIM Data

  • Sequences (4D schedules)

  • Model Data Comparison

  • Model Data Validation


For some business analytics tools such as Power BI, you can establish a live connection with 3D Repo on your desktop or in the cloud. In essence, all that you will have to do is send an API request to our servers. Successful API requests will return you a Server response containing all the data in JSON format. From there, you can build a custom dashboard and link it with other data sources. Since the connection is live a simple click on the refresh button will pull the latest information from 3D Repo.

You'll find it works perfectly for aggregating multiple data sets. Many of our users merge various data sets from 3D Repo with their cost & construction schedules to validate project deliverables. As we said, data drives business, but a successful data analysis generates business.

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