What is a Smart Group?

Discover how Smart Groups help you with model data visualisation & validation

Written by Faisal Ramady
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As your projects grow over time, in many cases, it's becoming increasingly difficult to identify & track model elements. Using multiple file formats makes the task even more complex. That's where you make use of the Smart Groups, a feature designed to help visualise and validate model data with ease. We'll take a look at the following:

What is a Smart Group?

The Smart Group feature allows you to search for objects based on certain criteria or rules. You can quickly group and visualise model elements for the following:

  • Check if your model elements follow the naming conventions

  • Check if the relevant BIM Data exists

  • Validate the element's existing BIM data

This rule-based tool is a simple way to speed up the process of validating the model data and group model elements for accurate project take-offs or procurement. It can even help you with project delivery, facilities, information and asset management.

For more information, check our blogpost on Data Validation with Smart Groups.

Advantages of Smart Groups

  • Auto-updates smart groups result with new model revision

  • Live data monitoring and access throughout the project's lifecycle

  • Streamline data validation process to democratise and automate model checking

  • Quick & easy way to visually group model objects and information

  • Reduce double handling efforts from other clients & professionals regardless of their background and knowledge of software across the project supply chain

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