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V5 - Power BI - Custom Visual Troubleshooting
V5 - Power BI - Custom Visual Troubleshooting

Discover the most common setup queries and their solution

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

If you had a go at our custom visual and came across some issues, don't worry. Here're the most common queries we get from our users and how to resolve them.

  • All my model elements have gone semi-transparent

Make sure the values column you are using in the 3D Repo visual is titled "Unity_id". Alternatively, drag and drop the field into values again.

  • The model has stopped filtering in PowerBI Desktop

Try closing and reopening PowerBI Desktop. Alternatively, check if there is a filter in use. Ensure that nothing else filters your dashboard before you experience custom visual issues.

  • I see the words "Unlicensed 3D Repo Viewer" on top of the 3D model

Currently, the PowerBI dashboard is in limited release. If you wish to use the custom visual on your project, speak to our sales or support teams.

  • Not all of the model elements are visible

In the past model elements were limited to 30,000 but we have now upgraded our visual to support > 30,000 elements . Power BI might still impose this restriction when filtering visuals. If you are still experiencing issues, ensure that your model contains less than 70,000 elements.

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