Synchro Texture Support

How to include textures in models uploaded from Synchro.

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

In order to process model textures in 3D Repo they must be in JPEG or PNG format. The following steps demonstrate how to enable JPEG Texture Export from Synchro.

Enable JPEG Support

On the Synchro option menu (Navigation > Options), under the Synchronization > 3D > Textures, make sure to select JPEG under "Compression Mode". For "Compression Quality" we recommend Average or less to keep the file size efficient.

Export Settings

Still inside the Options menu, go to Synchronization > 3D > Export and ensure "Export Texture Maps" is checked. Without this selected your textures will not be included in the SPM export.

Re-sync Models

The texture compression settings will only affect models loaded after the change.

In order to update the textures of any currently loaded models, you will need to synchronize the models.

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