Presenter Mode is an ideal feature for remote team meetings as it allows you to share your model view, enabling colleagues to follow your movement around the model. Since there is no screen sharing you can follow your colleagues model navigation and raise issues & risks along the way.

Presenter Mode Menu

You can activate the presenter mode from the model viewer. When your model/federation completes loading click on the Camera icon in the top right corner of your screen (as shown below). A pop-up menu will appear

In the session dialog menu, you will have an option to create a session, which means that everyone will be able to follow you around the model. Alternatively, you can join an active session and follow someone else.

Create Session

You can create a session by simply clicking on the Create Session button. This will generate a session code in the invitation code field. You will notice a red outline around your screen, indicating that viewers can now follow your session.

Share session

You can share the Invitation code with others to join your session and it's done in one of the following ways:

  1. Copy the session code; this will copy the 5 digit code to your clipboard so you can share it with others that have the same model currently open.

  2. Share the URL link; this will copy both the model URL and the session code into a single URL link which will take collaborators straight to your session.

Note: Other users must have access to session models. For more information about model permissions, please visit User Management in our help centre.

End Session

Once you navigate away from the Presenter Mode menu it will minimise. Click on the Red Camera icon to return to the menu and access the invitation code or end the session altogether. In the menu click on the End Session button to terminate it for others.

When you end the session, you will be prompted with a warning message. Click Yes to end it. Navigating back to the Teamspace area will display a warning message as well and will end the session for all users.

View Presentation

When viewing a presentation, the control of your 3D Repo camera is passed over to the Presenter, you can Pause the presentation and take control of the camera at any moment should you wish to explore or raise Issues or Risks.

Join Session via URL link

If you have been invited to view a Presenter's session you may be sent a direct link to the hosted session. Click on the URL link and in the web browser it will open the model and session automatically.

Join Session with Invitation Code

If you receive an invitation code you must open the relevant 3D Repo model and select the camera icon in the top right corner. Copy & Paste the Invitation code into the text box highlighted below. Join Session button will now become active, click on it to join an active session.

As a presentation attendee you will have the following options:

  1. Exit the current presenter mode session to gain full control of your 3D Model viewing experience

  2. Pause the current session to take control of your camera temporarily. This is ideal to start live communication on issues/risks without leaving the current session. Simply rejoin the current session to carry on following the presenter's view.

Once you are participating in an active session you will see the camera icon turn blue, you are now following the Presenter's camera. Once you navigate away from the Presenter Mode menu it will minimise. Click on the Blue Camera icon to return to the menu.

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