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Learn how to manage model revisions in 3D Repo

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As your project evolves so will your model history in 3D Repo. The good thing is that we never delete anything shared on 3D Repo, so there is a full audit trail to any information exchange.

Access model revisions

Model containers will retain a full revision history, so you can always travel back in time or run a model change analysis with 3D Diff.

To access the model revision list, click on the Revisions icon. Alternatively, click on the revision count as it will also bring up the list.

Revisions List

In the pop-up window called revisions, you get a full history of models uploaded to the container. Here is the information you get about those files:

  1. Revision Information
    - Revision Name
    - Name of the account that uploaded the file
    - Revision description

  2. Where the file originated from (3D Repo Plugin or a file format)

  3. Date & Time of the upload + model status Active/Void

If you wish to open a specific model revision, click on the link icon (blue arrow)

Active vs Void Revision

If you ever make a mistake and upload the wrong file version, you can always change revision status to Void. Click on the Active button. That will prevent you from opening that model revision. It will also disable it from appearing in Federations and Compare card. At any moment in time, you can always reactivate that model revision by clicking on the Void button.

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