3D Repo platform is compatible with many of the popular 3D file formats. Whatever your needs, you can always bring your information in and out of 3D Repo using the web application or our plugins.

Supported File Formats

Currently, we support the following file formats that you can upload directly on our platform at 3drepo.io: IFC, RVT, DGN, FBX, OBJ, SPM

Note that in some cases you may get a failed model import message. Currently, we only support 3D Model geometry, so if your model consists of 2D lines or Points only, it will not be available in our model viewer. Here are the geometries we support:

Uploads via Plugins

Navisworks Plugin

Use our Navisworks Plugin to publish additional file formats that we currently do not process on our website. Here are the file formats you can upload to 3D Repo via Navisworks: NWC/NWD, DWG, DXF, DWFX, RVT, IFC, DGN, 3DS, SKP, PRT, SLDASM, SLDPRT. For more information, visit our Model Publish article.

Revit Plugin

Use our Revit Plugin, to publish 3D Models directly to 3D Repo from the Autodesk Revit application. For more information, visit our Model Publish article.

Other File Formats

We support additional file formats to compliment some of our features. These are not model formats but are the following:

  • BCF for importing Issues from other applications (Issues feature)

  • CSV for uploading a Treatment Suggestions (SafetiBase feature)

Export data from 3D Repo

Once you start working on your projects in 3D Repo, some of the features will allow you to export data or files. Here are the files you can export:

  • BCF for issues exchange with other applications (Issues feature)

  • PDF Reports for your Issues or SafetiBase risks

  • JSON files containing all the data for Issues, SafetiBase & Smart Groups features

  • CSV for Treatment Suggestions (SafetiBase feature)

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