If you are trying to upload an FBX file that contains textures but noticed that they are missing in 3drepo.io, you can resolve this issue by embedding them. Here is how you can achieve this when exporting FBX files from such applications as 3ds Max or Blender:

Step 1: Prepare your file Export

Exporting from 3ds Max

  • Open your model with Autodesk 3ds Max application

  • Select the 3ds Max icon in the top left corner of your screen, go to 'Export' and click 'Export' again

  • In 'Save as type', choose Autodesk (*.FBX)

  • In the FBX Export window, ensure that you tick the box Embed Media

  • Choose Y-up from the 'Up Axis' drop-down below 'Axis Conversion'
    Use this option, if you notice that the FBX file is flipped in 3D Repo

  • Hit OK to finish the export

Exporting from Blender

  • Open your model with Blender application

  • Go to File > Export > FBX (.fbx)

  • In the Blender File View window, select Copy as 'Path Mode' & ensure that you select the embed textures box next to it

  • In the Transform tab, select Y Forward from the 'Forward' option and Z Up from the 'Up' option.
    Use these settings, if you notice that the FBX file is flipped in 3D Repo

  • Hit Export FBX to finish the process

Step 2: Upload to 3drepo.io

  • Upload your FBX file to 3drepo.io in the corresponding model container
    Check how to upload a model

  • Congrats! Here's how an FBX file with embedded textures looks like in 3D Repo:

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