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Excel - Issues Report

Connect to 3D Repo to Excel and track your project issues in real time

Written by Faisal Ramady
Updated over a week ago

Project Reporting couldn't have been made easier, especially when we are talking about a live link between 3D Repo and Excel. With our Issues Template, you can connect to any model/federation in 3D Repo and retrieve the latest data on demand. This is great for project progress tracking or reporting on your current state of affairs.

Get Started

Before we begin, head over to our downloads page and download the Sample Issues Table. Extract the .xlsx file from a ZIP folder and open it. You will see a sample table, that's what we'll use to list your project issues, but you can the table layout or design to suit your needs.

Initial Setup

  1. When you open the Excel file, click on the Data Tab in the main tools ribbon

  2. Click on the Queries & Connections

  3. In the Queries & Connections panel, right-click on the Issues Table

  4. Click on the Edit option

Edit Power Query

This is where the magic happens and you're only a few steps away from it. You will need to provide some additional information to retrieve risks data from 3D Repo.

  1. Click on the Cog Wheel icon next to the Source

  2. In the JSON window replace the following information and then click OK:
    - Teamspace Name of the Teamspace where your risks reside
    - Model ID Accessible through the model settings menu
    - API Key For authentication

3. Now all that's left to do is to Close & Load the query

Now you have established a live connection with 3D Repo. Save the excel file and use it again in the future. If you want to retrieve the latest data from 3D Repo, simply click on the Refresh All icon in the Data panel (main tools ribbon).

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