Now that you are familiar with 3D Repo's concept of views, check out these further functionalities:

  • View other views

  • Search Views

  • View Options

  • Views Card Settings

  • Load Model with View

View other Views

Click on the Views (camera) icon to bring up the list of saved views displayed in the Views Card. You can select any previously set up view to see it in the model viewer. Clicking on each view instantly changes the camera position. The viewer is transported and rotated to match that perspective.

Search Views

Filtering the Views list by views name is a great way to help you quickly find and navigate to a specific view. Click on the Search icon to enter this option and on the X button to exit it.

  • Use the Search bar to type any keyword contained in the view name you're looking for

  • A list of matching views appear below and the Views card automatically updates search results

Views Options

1. Rename Views

If you need to rename it, hover over the view name and click on the pen icon then rename it. Don't forget to click on the Save icon to apply the changes.

2. Share Views

You can share any view as a URL link. To do that, hover over the view you wish to share. Click on the Share icon and the message 'Link copied to clipboard' will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can paste the URL (CTRL + V) in your web browser and the model will load with the specific view.

3. More View Options

Additionally, you can hover over a specific view and do the following:

  • Set as Default
    To open up the same view every time you open the model.
    You cannot delete a Default View.

  • Delete
    To permanently remove a view from the list in the Views Card

Views Card Settings

Click on the Settings Icon to discover further functionalities of the Views Card.

In the pop-up menu you'll get the following option:

  • Sort By Name
    Click on this option to rearrange the Views list alphabetically. Sorting views does not affect the number of views displayed in the list.

Load Model with View

You can load your model with a saved view directly from your Teamspace options. To do that, head over to Model & Federations tab and open the relevant Teamspace, Project and Model or Federation you wish to access. Hover over the container and click on the first Load model with button (camera icon) to select any of the saved views.

In the window dialog, click on the view you wish to load your model with. Here you also have the option to search views or share views.

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