Now that you are familiar with 3D Repo's concept of Groups & Smart Groups, check out these further functionalities that apply to both:

  • View other Groups

  • Highlight & Isolate Groups

  • Search Groups

  • Groups Card Settings

View other Groups

Open the Groups Card to view the list of existing groups.

  • The newest group created will appear at the bottom of the list

  • New Groups (manually created) will get a hand icon added below their title

  • New Smart Groups (rule-based) will get a lightning icon added below their title

  • Click on any group to highlight it in the model

  • You can expand any of the Groups Cards by clicking on the white arrow.
    This will display its full information including the rules if it's a smart group

Highlight & Isolate Groups

There are two ways to view groups in your model. Open the Groups Card and hover over the right side of each group name:

1. Toggle Colour Override

Click once to highlight the group with the assigned colour. Click again to turn it off. You can highlight multiple groups by clicking on the toggle button of each group.. Change the colour of a group as shown here.

2. Isolate / Show all

Click once on the Isolate button (eye icon) to isolate any group from the list - this only shows the specific group and hides everything else in the model viewer. To bring up the remaining objects again, click on the Show all button (plain eye icon) in the bottom toolbar features.

Search Groups

Filtering your groups list is a great way to help you quickly find what you need.
Click on the Search icon to enter this option and on the X button to exit it.

  • Use the Search bar to type any keyword or phrase related to the Group you're looking for

  • Hit enter. A list of matching groups will appear below.
    You can add as many search phrases as you like

  • To remove individual search filters, click on the X button next to the filter

  • The Groups Card automatically updates search results for any filters retained

Copy Search filters

You have an option to copy the search filters to another list of groups.

  • Click on the Copy Filters option

  • Open another Model/Federation

  • Open the Groups card

  • Paste the filters in the Search Bar (CTRL + V)

Groups Card Settings

Click on the Settings Icon to discover further functionalities of the Groups Card.

In the pop-up menu you'll get the following options:

  • Override all
    Highlight all the groups available in the Groups Card with their assigned colour at once in the model viewer. If you filter the list of groups, only those that match your search criteria will get a colour override.

  • Delete all
    To remove all the groups contained in the Group list.

  • Download JSON
    Download a JSON file that contains all the Groups data. It is a popular file format that you can open in other applications such as PowerBI, Tableau or Excel. Visualise your project groups with custom dashboards to track your project's overall progress.

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